June 4, 2023



Where?s the Fish is a social media fishing show that has, and will continues to travels along the Gulf Coast with the mission to interview locally owned bait camps, and boat ramps, fishing guides, finding out all they can about local fishing enthusiasts along the way. Where?s the Fish Tour 2020 traveled from Galveston TX to Fort Pike LA. Where? the Fish Tour 2021 traveled from Galveston TX to the Texas/Mexico Border. Where?s the Fish Tour 2022 traveled from Venice LA, all the way along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Where will the go on the 2023 tour . . . ? But that’s not all we do. If your a fishing guide or own a bait camp, or maybe have a fishing event, give us a shout out at 713.205.2395 and we’d love to cover your story. We are just out doing our to promote the sport we love. Fish On!!! FACEBOOK: @where?s the fish